Samantha North

I help people emigrate to Europe and seek EU second citizenship via passive income and investment pathways, such as the popular Portugal Golden Visa program.

Having EU citizenship opens up a multitude of opportunities, thanks to freedom of movement – the right to live, work, study and retire across the 30 countries of the European Economic Area.

Prior to that, I worked in journalism, mainly based in Istanbul.

Living in Madeira in 2021: Portugal's most exciting hidden gem

Living in Madeira for the long-term is high on my list of 2021 goals. Funchal, the Madeiran capital, was the perfect place to wait out the worst effects of the 2020 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. I believe that Madeira has excellent long-term potential as a digital émigré destination. Before I arrived in Madeira, I had no idea to what to expect. After just a few months, I’d already decided to make it my primary base while I work towards getting Portuguese citizenship.